Powerful Inversions, Hip Keys, & Climbs Course

Powerful Inversions, Hip Keys, & Climbs Course

This online course describes the technique required for an inversion that does NOT use momentum, and explains how mastery of this skill (or lack thereof) affects your hip key and inversion climbs. This is for the aerialist who wants to polish their foundations to make inversions, hip keys, and inversion climbs stronger and lose NO height. This is also the type of information you need for a strong and technically sound straight-arm inversion.

-Learn good technique in fundamental skills
-Stop losing height in hip keys and climbs
-Polish up your form in these essential skills
-Call upon your lower core to power your moves
-Discover connections between key fundamental skills

This is not a course on how to do the easiest versions of inversions, rather, the point is that it builds on your inversion, hip key, and inversion climbs. This type of training leads you toward a strong(er) straight arm inversion.

If you do not already have your inversion, this workshop could still be incredibly useful to you, just please understand that I am teaching a more challenging type of inversion.

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Powerful Inversions, Hip Keys, & Climbs Course
  • 1. A Close Look at Inversion Technique

    Look at the difference between the more common inversion that uses momentum and a pike/compression inversion. This video also gets into some drills you can do in the knot to work toward a pike inversion.

  • 2. A Close Look at the Pelvis + Wristlock Drills

    In this video I show you what is happening in the pelvis in a pike inversion and show you drills you can use to develop your strength and technique.

  • 3. Relation to Hip Key / Maximize Height

    Find out what the pike has to do with your hip key, how to avoid losing height in hip key, and how to master wrap placement in your hip key.

  • 4. Relation to Inversion Climbs

    Activate the lower core to maximize height in inversion climbs, and closely examine techniques that make for less exhausting climbing.