Splits Balance Virtual Workshop

Splits Balance Virtual Workshop

An in depth 1.25 hour workshop that will help you achieve the coveted splits balance! You do NOT need a flat split to train this skill, AND, I show you wraps you can use to start training the balance before you have the active flex strength for the full pose.

In this series of 9 videos you will learn:
-Specific exercises on and off the fabric to develop the muscles needed for this jaw-dropping skill.
-Correct engagement and posture in the splits balance
-Wraps you can use for progressions as well as wrapping and setup technique
-Troubleshooting wraps
-Guidance in the balancing act and how to bail
-Recovery stretches (follow along)

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In purchasing this video you accept all risk associated with training splits balance and hold yourself entirely liable for any harm to you or others resulting from attempting to replicate any of the drills or skills in this video.

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Splits Balance Virtual Workshop

9 Videos