Must-have Photoshoot Poses Tutorial Bundle

Must-have Photoshoot Poses Tutorial Bundle

A set of 5 tutorials of choice poses for photoshoots! Ranging from the intermediate beginner to Intermediate. These are all poses from original sequences by Sara Kaiser and Anna Cicone.

Silk Moth Sequence
Polygon Split
Tip Toe Pony
Stained Glass

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Must-have Photoshoot Poses Tutorial Bundle

5 Videos

  • Stained Glass Sequence

    This sequence offers you a chance to sit down rather comfortably while playing with wrap designs. This makes it ideal for photoshoots! There is an alternate exit that is pretty interesting that I will post separately.

  • Silk Moth Sequence - INT

    A relatively accessible sequence with beautiful shapes and transitions! I love the way this one feels. And, it creates a butterfly or moth shape if you look at it from the right angle :)

  • Shoelace by Anna Cicone

    This sequence lives up to its name by lacing you through a complex wrap that leads up to a beautiful pose perfect for a photoshoot. Anna has provided an intermediate and advanced option to the final pose. Before attempting the advanced version, make sure you first try it low to get a feeling for ...

  • Polygon Split ***taught by Anna Cicone*** - INT/ADV

    Polygon Split" is a sequence for the intermediate/advanced aerialist and will take you through a same-side hook into a fun, shape-y split. Before executing this info, make sure you refer to Sara's thigh hitch hook tutorial to become comfortable with the movement.

  • Tip Toe Pony Sequence - INT

    Intermediate+ level. There are some important details about tension and body position so please watch the full tutorial. Includes a modification that is more secure and removes the backbend.